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"Dodging obstacles is not your strong point"  
06:53pm 05/01/2010
lillith firerain
I have been playing with the Wii Fit this week, and it's really fun. My parents made characters, so some of the activities I end up playing with their "Miis". Today I was doing this hula thing and they kept throwing hula hoops at me. It is so funny! Seriously, picture cartoon versions of your parents throwing hula hoops at you!
And now for more ranting about my sister!
We went for dinner at my grandparents on New Years day and C offered to make yorkshire puddings and prawns. She opted to make them at Grandma's house though, in her kitchen, using all her utensils, ordering everyone around. It took almost two hours and everyone was hungry and cranky by the time dinner was ready. I don't think the girl even realised that she was being crazy rude and pissing everyone off. Then at the end of the evening she had some sort of nicotine fit and started shouting about how she didn't have time for anything other than school and she was so broke. She left in tears, despite everyone doing their best to reassure and comfort her. She then spent all day Sunday with her new girl-friend. Because she only and has time for school! and long walks in the park with pretty girls of course. So she'll be here another couple weeks, more irritable than before and not only will she not be able to pay for any of her food, she apparently can't even afford her plane ticket home.
ETA: they are cleaning the grease traps and it smells terrible!
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Get off the radio!  
07:40pm 29/12/2009
lillith firerain
Dear "Mark B"
Stop talking! We don't care that there's a bag unattended. If you wish, you may take it to customer service for the lost and found.
We don't care how many kids are in the play area. As long as they are all young enough and playing nicely, we don't care.
Maybe you shouldn't put random bits of metal in the keyhole of the compactor if you don't want to break it! Personally I predicted that it would break as soon as you said you would put "it's like part of a screw or something" into the keyhole. Only the key goes in the keyhole!
Also, telling me that there were two people you think might be banned in the mall a while ago and you're not sure if they left and you don't have a description other than tall is not useful! I can't find someone if I don't know where they are or what they look like.
In conclusion, do your own job (cleaning) and stop using the radio every half hour to tell me pointless things.
tags: work
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She's sad because she killed her mussels  
06:53pm 28/12/2009
lillith firerain
Christmas is an adventure!
First we spent xmas eve with Justin's family. We had appetizers and played Cranium, Justin and I won. In the morning we all opened gifts and then went for a walk in the forest. It was really gorgeous but smelled a bit like the fish that go there to die. Then the went back to Delta to have xmas dinner with my family.
Celina and I were meant to make xmas dinner for our family, with the assistance of Dad and Justin. Justin and I ended up getting back from Squamish a bit late, so it was mostly up to Celina. First off, she was pretty well stoned the whole time. We forgot the yams, she forgot the turnips (I found them), she forgot the prawns, she accidentally killed the mussels she was going to cook. It was hilarious. We didn't have stuffing or gravy until my mom came home. Nonetheless everything was tasty.
I got the world's ugliest snuggy, but also clothes, a bike helmet, a Wii, a laptop and so many things!
Since Celina didn't manage to cook her prawns or the yorky puddings she was planning, those will apparently be served at dinner on new years day.

Now I am at work, playing with my new laptop and flirting with contractors. It's a good day.
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Stupid computers!  
04:42pm 15/12/2009
lillith firerain
A month or longer ago, we bought a new computer. The video card in the old computer kept glitching out, especially while playing WoW. So we buy this new computer, and it has some weird anti-virus program we've never heard of. Justin likes Avast, so he tries to take "Panda" off. Takes forever, but he gets rid of it. It pretty well immediately stops working, so we take it in for repairs. Still doesn't work, so we take it in again. At some point they send it back to the manufacturer. We get it back and it still the same, after about 20 minutes it'll stop responding. I have to manually restart it and have the time it tries to insist it has no boot media. I called last week about just returning it, getting a new one. The guy said he's call me back, he didn't. So I called again today. The first guy is on vacation, apparently and forgot to ask the boss about me returning it. He says he'll call back by noon tomorrow.
I just want a computer that lets me play WoW!
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You learn something everyday  
08:28pm 13/12/2009
lillith firerain
Yesterday I learned that I am definitely alergic to cats. We went to a party at a house with 4 cats and I think I sneezed a hundred times. Seriously.
Today I noticed that my driver's licence claims I am 203cm tall, which works out to about 6'5. I'll have to get that fixed. In other news it has started snowing and we live on a hill, so I think we're going to need snow tires. Hopefully we'll get some before we spend x-mas driving to and from Squamish.
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Writer's Block: Go it alone  
05:15pm 09/12/2009
lillith firerain
Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

There is pressure to settle down, get married and have kids, just as there is pressure to have a steady job. Personally, I think for the people I hang out with, having a job is considered more important. Right now the only person pressuring me to have kids is my husband's mom. She want's grandkids, it makes sense. I don't know that I ever felt any pressure to be in a relationship, but I really haven't been single for more than a couple months since high school. The longest I've had between serious relationships was eight months and I dated a few guys casually in that time.
Really I think there is pressure, but depending on who you spend time with, it's not that big a deal. I've honestly gotten a fair bit of "you're too young to be married" as though society thinks I should wait till I'm thirty. So that's sort of the opposite.
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Writer's Block: Destination anywhere  
04:39pm 08/12/2009
lillith firerain
If you were asked to recommend one destination in your country to LiveJournal friends who had never been to your country before, what place would you choose, and why?

I think I'd go with Squamish. It's got trees and mountains and water - all the essential Canada things. Plus, it's near me!
Alternately, a Via Rail train right across the country. What, a train car is one place! Because there really is no one place that could tell you about Canada, you have to see many cities to get an idea of what it's like.
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There's the nice boss and the WTF boss  
07:53pm 07/12/2009
lillith firerain
Apparently I am not supposed to go on Facebook at work. Makes sense, it's an understandable rule and if anyone had told me, I might have followed it. But they didn't. So today the boss found out that I was on Facebook and said that he should send me home but he wouldn't. Like he was doing me a favour by not enforcing a rule that was never mentioned. Grrr!
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Mmmm, booze  
02:39pm 05/12/2009
lillith firerain
Today at work I noticed Santa (he's sharing our office) put something in the boss's office and close the door. I check, and it's a carton of egg nog and a litre and a half of rum. Alright, I see why he felt the need to close the door, that might look a bit odd. The boss comes back, sees the rum and talks to Santa. Apparently the rum is for everyone, we're supposed to share. Possibly that would work in an office setting - everyone finishes at five, share some drinks. But security really can't be drinking at the office, plus we all finish at different times. So, we put everyone's name in a hat and I won A LITRE AND A HALF of booze! And egg nog! Best day ever!
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Writer's Block: Smoke screen  
04:35pm 01/12/2009
lillith firerain
What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

Where I live you can't smoke in any building in which people work, nor can you smoke within 15m of any door or air intake. I do feel sorry for the smokers when it's raining, but it's a terrible habit. It's not only bad for the health of the smoker, but anyone around them. It smells bad, it stains your fingers and teeth. They have actually proven that second hand smoke is worse for you than first hand smoke, there's no filter.
I think non-smokers should have the right to clean air and smokers should have the right to slowly kill themselves somewhere far away from me. Luckily, that's the current system.
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