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Computer update  
09:32pm 29/03/2010
lillith firerain
So I bought this computer in October. It didn't work, so I took it back to the store. Five times! Every time they said they fixed it and every time it would only work for about an hour before failing again. They finally sent it out East to the manufacturer who decided it couldn't be fixed and sent me a new one. So, I now have a computer that is better than I payed for, but it took five months to get it. Grrr!
In other news, I've decided that the future has finally arrived. I have a robot vacuum! Seriously, today I was doing laundry and unloading the dishwasher while vacuuming. Housework is so much easier when you have machines to do all the hard work.
What else is new? My granny thinks Justin is cheating on me. She apparently really doesn't believe you can have friends of the opposite gender. So anytime he has a female friend over without me, she assumes the worst. Sunday we had a couple of friends over, both of whom happened to be male. So when I went to drive back to the skytrain, she asked if Justin was sick, or else why did I have to drive HIS friends home. I explained that they're our friends and since he picked them up, it was only fair that I take them back.
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