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"His foot exploded"  
10:44pm 27/01/2010
lillith firerain
Tomorrow my sister goes back to Toronto. I'm not sure I'm glad she's going back - she doesn't really have a job or a place to live and her ex might be waiting to stalk her - but I am glad she's leaving my house. That sounds bad, but she is just so hard to live with. I tried to ask her to spend as much time with Granny as she can, since Granny's old and there's no way of knowing when Celina will be back, and she just started ranting about the annoying people who want to see her before she leaves. I guess if she keeps her attitude, she'll get her wish and people will stop wanting to spend time with her.
She didn't even tell me until this morning what time she's leaving tomorrow. Actually, I don't think she even told me before this morning that she was leaving tomorrow, I had to find out second hand. I happened to mention to her the other day that Justin and I have been married for six months now (Yay!) and she said it was creepy. Who says that? Seriously?
She still hasn't forgiven our parents for treating her like a child when she was 16. A) She was a child, B) She still acts like one.
She disappeared for a week while she was here and I kept worrying that she was hurt or dead or something and I couldn't be sure how long she'd even been gone.
I love her, I just find it so hard to be happy in her presence.
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02:24am 02/02/2010 (UTC)
lillith firerain: butterfly
They are, but we still love them.
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