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"what type of family?"  
06:05pm 11/01/2010
lillith firerain
On Saturday we went to a postponed christmas dinner held by my Great Aunt Gladys, in Bellingham. Since we were in the States, we decided to have a road trip! Justin drove all the way to Portland before we decided to stop for the night. Portland is a very pretty city, if I had to live in the States, I think that's where I'd choose. Seattle loses because it is so difficult to navigate by car! We spent an hour I think trying to get to the Space Needle. We ended up parking at a McDonalds. And driving around a lot. But mostly it was fun.
I drove home, which was cool, but a little scary. You get to drive so fast on the Interstate! Very few people were speeding, I thought. Here, if the limit is 90km and you're driving less 100, you're driving slow. There, the limit was 70 miles and people seemed to be driving 75 at most. Very odd.
I think I acted nervous because the border guard asked me a lot of questions. Why we were in the States, what type of family was the dinner with, where was the dinner, did we do anything else, what did we buy, where do we live?
It was a really fun weekend. Now that Justin and I have the same days off, we should take more unplanned vacations, they're great!
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