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"Just stick your face in there!"  
11:31am 24/07/2010
lillith firerain
Very fun birthday. Thanks for the V-Gift callingmethere!
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Does anyone know a good beta? (Is anyone willing to beta for me?)  
09:49pm 29/06/2010
lillith firerain
I am attempting to write femslash, mainly because all the SG1 femslash seems to be Sam/Janet. Would any of you be willing to read over what I have so far, or know any good beta-readers?
It's Dr Lam/Vala and I'm having trouble joining the plot with the sex.
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Writer's Block: A rose by any other name  
06:37pm 07/06/2010
lillith firerain
Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

I love my name! Even though everyone mispronounces and people always ask where it's from, which I don't have a proper answer for. I love that it's unique, that I've never met anyone with the same name. I would never change it, although I've frequently gone by Lillith online, because I felt my real name was too... personal. My middle name is pretty meh, I'm not embarrassed by it or anything, but I'm not fond of it either.
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Dragonflies are my sister's favourite insect.  
01:58pm 01/06/2010
lillith firerain
Mom: Look, it's a little dragonfly.
Granny: I don't like them, I find them quite ugly.
Mom: Well they're good, you know. They're predators.
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Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  
10:42pm 10/05/2010
lillith firerain
Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

My bike is Lillith, his bike is Hellia (derivative of heliotrope) and our car has been named Artemis.
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Writer's Block: I'm the taxman, yeah!  
10:48pm 15/04/2010
lillith firerain
How do you feel about the existing tax structure where you live? Do you believe individual income tax is the best way to raise funds or are there better alternatives?

Hahaha, I have to answer this with all the HST debates here lately.
Right now, I'm in a pretty low tax bracket, so income tax really doesn't bother me. I don't know if it THE best way to raise funds, but I think that combined with sales tax, it does a pretty good job. Everyone pays at least some tax (GST and PST in BC) but people who earn more pay more taxes. I think it's pretty fair. It does suck when you're just at the dividing line between tax brackets, so that OT bumps you into the higher bracket and you don't actually take home any extra money. But that's not super common.
I don't know what a better alternative would actually be. As far as the Harmonised Sales Tax, people keep suggesting that we just legalise marijuana and tax that. Given the number of people I know who smoke, sounds like it could make quite a bit of money for the government.
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Computer update  
09:32pm 29/03/2010
lillith firerain
So I bought this computer in October. It didn't work, so I took it back to the store. Five times! Every time they said they fixed it and every time it would only work for about an hour before failing again. They finally sent it out East to the manufacturer who decided it couldn't be fixed and sent me a new one. So, I now have a computer that is better than I payed for, but it took five months to get it. Grrr!
In other news, I've decided that the future has finally arrived. I have a robot vacuum! Seriously, today I was doing laundry and unloading the dishwasher while vacuuming. Housework is so much easier when you have machines to do all the hard work.
What else is new? My granny thinks Justin is cheating on me. She apparently really doesn't believe you can have friends of the opposite gender. So anytime he has a female friend over without me, she assumes the worst. Sunday we had a couple of friends over, both of whom happened to be male. So when I went to drive back to the skytrain, she asked if Justin was sick, or else why did I have to drive HIS friends home. I explained that they're our friends and since he picked them up, it was only fair that I take them back.
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Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee  
06:39pm 09/02/2010
lillith firerain
Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?

Sleep in!
As much as I love food, I love sleep more. Pretty sure the only thing I love as much as sleep is Justin. Plus, he occasionally cooks me breakfast while I sleep in. He's so nice.
I don't think there's any food I would wake up at dawn to eat. It's just not worth it. Mmmm, sleep.
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"His foot exploded"  
10:44pm 27/01/2010
lillith firerain
Tomorrow my sister goes back to Toronto. I'm not sure I'm glad she's going back - she doesn't really have a job or a place to live and her ex might be waiting to stalk her - but I am glad she's leaving my house. That sounds bad, but she is just so hard to live with. I tried to ask her to spend as much time with Granny as she can, since Granny's old and there's no way of knowing when Celina will be back, and she just started ranting about the annoying people who want to see her before she leaves. I guess if she keeps her attitude, she'll get her wish and people will stop wanting to spend time with her.
She didn't even tell me until this morning what time she's leaving tomorrow. Actually, I don't think she even told me before this morning that she was leaving tomorrow, I had to find out second hand. I happened to mention to her the other day that Justin and I have been married for six months now (Yay!) and she said it was creepy. Who says that? Seriously?
She still hasn't forgiven our parents for treating her like a child when she was 16. A) She was a child, B) She still acts like one.
She disappeared for a week while she was here and I kept worrying that she was hurt or dead or something and I couldn't be sure how long she'd even been gone.
I love her, I just find it so hard to be happy in her presence.
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"what type of family?"  
06:05pm 11/01/2010
lillith firerain
On Saturday we went to a postponed christmas dinner held by my Great Aunt Gladys, in Bellingham. Since we were in the States, we decided to have a road trip! Justin drove all the way to Portland before we decided to stop for the night. Portland is a very pretty city, if I had to live in the States, I think that's where I'd choose. Seattle loses because it is so difficult to navigate by car! We spent an hour I think trying to get to the Space Needle. We ended up parking at a McDonalds. And driving around a lot. But mostly it was fun.
I drove home, which was cool, but a little scary. You get to drive so fast on the Interstate! Very few people were speeding, I thought. Here, if the limit is 90km and you're driving less 100, you're driving slow. There, the limit was 70 miles and people seemed to be driving 75 at most. Very odd.
I think I acted nervous because the border guard asked me a lot of questions. Why we were in the States, what type of family was the dinner with, where was the dinner, did we do anything else, what did we buy, where do we live?
It was a really fun weekend. Now that Justin and I have the same days off, we should take more unplanned vacations, they're great!
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